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The Impotence of Being Important

Source: The Impotence of Being Important

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I had to repost this because the far right is why I, a right leaning Independent wouldn’t have voted for Romney even if there was a gun to my head and a promise of a long lasting lucrative career (and believe me those are 2 things that would highly motivate me).
The GOP needs to phone in to reality and start looking at ways to PROMOTE what they are FOR instead fighting against the evolution of society. They are wasting their money, their energy and they have wasted MY time and since time is money… They have a lot to make for. Wake up!

The Glass

Written by Scott Parker

So it’s all well and truly over. And thank God too. It’s a gooooood morning around here folks, and I am just bursting at the seams to ponder the lessons learned in this election.

1. AMERICA IS CHANGING. The far-right view of the stereotypical Conservative is no longer playing with the majority of Americans. Minorities have greater power and influence. Women have greater power and influence. Gay people have greater power and influence. These are not debatable points–they are reality. To deny these very simple truths would be to live your life with your eyes closed–it might be an easy thing to do, but it’s also self-deceptive. If you are a hard-right Republican, you would do yourself some good to look at the tide of change that is engulfing this country and move your view to the center. You don’t have to, but if you…

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I’m working on my website. In the meantime you can peruse this one 😉 I will start a couple new posts for ya’ll

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Thank God for Earthly Angels

Hey, I want to make let everyone know who the fabulous supporters of Recording for My Real Audience are.  I want to say uberTHANKS to you guys, your support means more than you can know.  You can follow progress through updates on my kickstarter site.

I didn’t get any websites but if anybody wants to add them let me know 😉

Cynthia McPherson

Danielle Sanders

Jennifer Ruffino


Nedra Tharpe

Walton Ferrell

Richard Stephenson

Lisa Liu

Irene Sanders

Morenike Foxx

Daniel Sanders Jr.

Jean Renze-Eilers

Carol Stephenson

Lindon Pearson

Eric Hale


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Opera in Seasons

I know I can’t be the only one who goes through a slight depression when the opera season is over.  I start getting panicky in March desperate to make sure I hear and see enough to carry me through the summer.   Workshops and Festivals are few and very far between in my neck of the woods.

That is not the only season that leaves me feeling bereft.  It is the winter after productions also.  I have been blessed to be a part of 2 great productions in a row in less than a month!   My second set of performances start tomorrow and I’m already worried about what I will do without opera rehearsals to run to, and beautiful soprano and tenor sounds around me inspiring me to add my deep brassy mix. 

This depression can be offset when you have something to look forward to.  Even a month away is great timing to prepare for the next show retouch technique and spend some time with new rep before the next thing.  Any longer than that can be hard to take.

What has helped me is to have projects of my own.  If I can’t have a definite gig or show lined up, then I work on something to perform for whoever will listen.  If I’d waited for a smart conductor to higher me in the past I would not have performed enough to be ready for the few roles I have done.  Don’t wait on those people, their busy, they will get to you if your ready and their interested.  In the meantime get ready.  Make it your goal that when they are interested they won’t be able to afford you;-)

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5 Books for the Opera Curious

Great Article.

I’m going to have add books as we go 😉

One more link for the resource page!

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A Thousand and One

Have you ever felt like that number meant to exaggerate was unbearably accurate?

 That number doesn’t encompass today or A project.   It includes everything you should do to be who you will be.  Which means if you don’t get it all done each day you are essentially a failure right?

I think not.  I might not get everything done and everything right everyday; but I’m always working always thinking, always preparing for the next step.  That is what spells success.  Taking a break or falling behind doesn’t make you a failure, giving up….

Well you can always prevent giving up by changing your mind;-)

Check out this quote by Everett McKinley Dirksen

“Life is not a stagnant thing, the only people who do not change their minds are incompetents in asylums and people in cemeteries.”

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Great Resource

Hey guys just wanted to let you know I found a fabulous website that has access to online scores (all kinds including opera) and rights-free music (mostly orchestral).

I pledged on their Kickstarter Project.  They have been fully funded! 

Hope you check out their website and get plenty of use out of it!

Music Open

I’ll also put them on my resource page for future reference;-)

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I’m so excited!

I’m making a recording and I’m getting help from an awesome site called Kickstarter.  You can learn about my project by clicking on my link below.

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Radio idea

Wouldn’t it be really cool if you could vote songs up and down on public radio like they do on Pandora?  More participation means more ratings so it’s good for the station.  More input from listeners means better music (I would hope.) 

What do you think?   With digital and mobile communication racing forward it is feasible…

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