Posted by: Dramamezzo | February 28, 2010

A Platform

You know what is great about blogging? It is a personal platform from which you can jump without dressing up,  wasting gas, asking permission, or committing to a life long responsibility.

This is what we pay therapists for.  Well I don’t, but several people do because that is how a couple of my friends make a living.

I think most singers are this close to being locked up.  It takes a lot of balls or just being close to crazy to stand up on a stage and sing for people.  It is the most intimate thing you can ever do.  I played an instrument.  I promise you playing an instrument on stage is nothing like singing for an audience.  If the reed cracks or a key sticks it’s the instruments fault.  If your voice cracks then it’s your fault.
Never mind that a voice is a pipeline to the human soul.  Yet people get on American Idol and God forbid they have an attack of nerves on NATIONAL TELEVISION.  “You suck you can’t sing, you’re wasting my time.”  Granted, there are people that go on there for the sole purpose of wasting their time, but I bet they never imagined how soul crushing it would be after they gave their voice in whatever comedic way they thought would incur a television appearance, and they are completely and utterly insulted, or just simply dismissed.  I bet they never imagined it would hurt as bad as it did or that they would still be thinking about it weeks and months after

It’s just that personal.

So that is what I plan on talking about in this blog.  That and every other soul crushing singer experience, in a hopefully enlightening way.

We singers are the epitome of the eternal optimist.  We are pursuing a profession based on opinion.  Not just experienced and intelligent peoples’ opinions.  But idiots who have no clue what it takes to make consistently beautiful vocal sounds.

We really believe with every experience we will actually touch somebody with the light we work to emit while singing.  It happens.  I have had the privilege  of moving several audience members to tears of joy, or pure emotion.  No wonder I’m addicted.  If they feel half the beauty I feel in the music I sing, then it is worth it.   Every good or bad moment.


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