Posted by: Dramamezzo | March 18, 2010

Don’t Hate ’em Because They’re Beautiful

Baritones, Baritones, how I love thee.  There is just something about that deep rich, ringing, masculine, hearty…

You get the message.  Well we just don’t talk about these lovelies enough.  We talk about sopranos who give 2 days notice that they can’t perform Ophelia in Hamlet.  Why, cause they’re sopranos.  Cause they sing high and look like it’s easy.  Well, just because they are good actresses does not mean there aren’t other people singing their buns off out there.

So here is one of my favorites.  We are going to have a little contest on this one.  It’s called Mirror Mirror, who has the fairest Largo al factotum in the land.   It is the clean and perfect against the balls out entertainment.

In the left corner, So Fresh and So Clean: Tae-Joong Yang

In the right corner, Balls Out Baritone: Dmitri Hvorostovsky



  1. I had not heard Tae-Joong Yang sing Largo, thanks.

    If you will indulge me: The first time I remember hearing opera and liking was hearing a recording of Ettore Bastianini singing Largo. Fortunately, someone put a copy on youtube

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