Posted by: Dramamezzo | March 20, 2010

Automated vs Enjoyment

This is a post taken from my diet blog because it is also very relevant to music.  Take a listen around, experiment with new genres, new eras.  You never know what you can get out of it.  I think it will make you a better musician or music appreciator.

There are so many things that sidetrack dieters.  Good food being a big one.  I know the most successful dieters tend to be people who “automate” their eating.  In other words, don’t think of food as anything but fuel so that they only eat what their body needs.

While this is the most efficient way to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, the artist in me cringes at the word automate.  I think this is why so many artists, ESPECIALLY singers have a weight problem.  They truly enjoy their food.  Not just for emotional satiety but like going to hear a symphony, concert, turning on the radio.  They truly savor every part.  Just like they can describe why they love that particular phrase or lyric, R&B, or Pop, they can describe why they love Mexican or Indian food.  You can’t tell an artist it is wrong to enjoy their food.  That’s like saying it’s wrong to enjoy Beyoncé, Pink, or Yo Yo Ma.

In my opinion the error lies in ignoring other options. Saying, “Because it’s green it doesn’t taste as good.”  Some things take more experience, experimentation, dissection to enjoy.  At face value opera doesn’t appeal to many people.  Yet for most it only takes one full experience.  They read about the dramatic story, hear the emotion laden voices, while seeing what they are singing about, and they’re hooked.  The biggest skeptics grudgingly accept that opera is truly worthy entertainment.

You can’t eat spaghetti all your life and say that tofu just isn’t for me.  You have to make new experiences for yourself.  Give them a true chance, one day a steamed bowl of edamame is going to take you by surprise.  If you try new things there will be days when you crave nothing more than hummus and whole wheat pita, ♦guacamole, or homemade salsa.  Even a  simple filling roll of sushi.

I know this from experience.

♦Check out my guacamole recipe!

In defense of Avocados who get a bad rap because they are high in fat and therefore calories:

#1 like hummus it is very filling.

#2 because of that fat it is highly satisfying when you’re hungry

#3 It’s all happy happy unsaturated fat, the kind that is good for your body; it makes your skin, hair, nails, pretty 😉


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