Posted by: Dramamezzo | March 22, 2010

Twilight the Opera

A fellow singer Steven Lumpkin seemed to think of vampires singing opera was a  safe in his dreams kind of  idea.  Personally I think he’d make a really great operatic Edward.

I first had the idea of Twilight as an opera just before watching a Met HD Broadcast at North Hills movie theater.  I’d read Twilight and seen the movie, and was anxiously waiting for the release of New Moon when I realized this is the perfect story for an opera.  I’d like you to know that Jodi Lewis and Erin Moorman, also fellow opera singers, agree with me.  Most people that are not keen on the idea have not read the book series and therefore are invalid.

When you think about it it is sooooo obvious.  What more perfect heroin is there than Bella Swan?

  • Her unwavering love.
  • Her refusal to let go.
  • Her ability to perpetually put herself in life threatening situations.
  • Her frailty plus bravery and inner strength.

Edward’s love for her is equally opera worthy.

  • She is his only love in his over 100 years.
  • His inner struggle not to drink her oh too sweet blood.  (This has to be good for around 3 arias.)
  • His overprotective drive to keep her safe despite the danger he presents to her.

The Cullens:

  • Decide to refrain from killing humans.  (Just because they are vampires doesn’t mean they have to be monsters.  Essentially vampire vegetarians.)
  • Welcome Bella with open arms, and don’t even think of killing her (for the most part.)
  • Protect her from James (Victoria’s love) and The Volturi (look it up.)

Jacob  there is so much here that it is scary:

  • From an indian tribe of PROTECTORS.
  • Shapeshifters that turn into massive wolves who can tear up immortal vampires.
  • 2 words  LOVE TRIANGLE  {Edward the vampire, Bella the human, Jacob the wherewolf}  (this alone warrants and opera people)
  • He decides to start his own pack breaking up the tribe pack.  Because of Bella.
  • {Spoiler} If you don’t know what this means, read the books.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.– Imprints on Renesmee

Victoria, this evil wench is good for a couple arias.  She is the best of villains.

  • Smart
  • Driven by “love”
  • Desperate to kill Bella because she is the love of the “man” that killed hers.
  • Highly talented hunter (she learned a lot from James.)

COME ON!  It has OPERA written all over it.  Where are the composers and commissions?   I don’t have the money to pay for a quality commission but I’m seriously considering starting fundraising for the cause.  Come on… who’s with me?

This is the part where I shamelessly list composers and new opera associations in the hope that somebody with more power agrees with me.   Please add composers and their links if you think they would do a good job with this project.  YES, I’M VERY SERIOUS.


Eva Kendrick (Longy alumni)

Sophia Serghi

Was thinking of Paul Schwartz mix of orchestra and electric.  But his choice of singers pisses me off (sorry for the sensitive opera peeps.)  Seriously, you would think somebody that has worked with opera companies would have a little better taste. (BLAEH!)

Association (not as sure of which would be interested in something like this)

I’m lucky enough to have one of the administrators Jim Schaeffer as a part of my  TOI Singers Group on Facebook

Center for Contemporary Opera would be a great place for Twilight the Opera be born.


Thank you Stephanie Meyer for this incredible story.  It has obsessed many a heart and mind.


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