Posted by: Dramamezzo | April 2, 2010

What am I Doing Next?

This is a singer moment that isn’t too pretty.  As you can see I’m not in my cheeriest mode, results are 2 complaint posts in a row.

“What are you doing next?”

I get this question every time I sing.  It’s well meaning, really it is.(?)  People automatically think that I have a singing schedule because I sing well.  It is a huge compliment really.  How could they ever know that they’ve stumbled upon my personal hell.  ‘Cause usually the answer is: nothing.  “So what are you doing next?”  NOTHING.  I get this question most frequently from audience members, parents of friends, family I rarely see.  (Thank God my Mom and sister have realized that if there is any news worth hearing I’ll let them know.)

I actually had people in an opera company ask me this at an audition. “What are you doing?” (They didn’t even give me a next on this one.) Ummmmm check my resume.  NOTHING,    ummmm, whatever you give me.  ummmmm, myself in.  How about we rephrase this question to something that is less depressing. “What can you do?”  Well I have experience in 3 roles and am learning 2 others.  I learn most music within a month so whatever opportunity you have I can fulfill.  Because you are just realizing I have talent, but aren’t quite sure if you trust me yet since I’m doing NOTHING.  I also have a rep of arias that I don’t plan on singing the roles for.  I have started a business, and am working on school programs until a few more people decide to take a chance on little ol’ me.

Unfortunately the only acceptable answer is what ever singing event I’ve been able to piece together next.  A recital, auditions, giving back to the community with music.  You can’t say “nothing” or people will feel bad for asking.  Truly if there is absolutely nothing, you may not be doing enough to move yourself forward as an artist.  I woke up to this cold hard reality last year.  There is always SOMETHING I can be doing.  It is rarely the most glamorous or even a thing I prefer doing.  It is usually just another step on the road to more experience, more knowledge, more understanding and more exposure.  It is all important, because all the little pieces make up the big pieces.

Like I tell my husband, “Don’t complain unless you are going to do something about it.”


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