Posted by: Dramamezzo | April 9, 2010

The Heights of Ecstasy

This is the reason I am a musician.  Even if I wasn’t a singer I would still need to be a part of making beautiful music.  There is something about music that takes me to a place few things can take me.  Not just any music either.  Classical music.  I listen to all kinds of music.  Truly, I have favorite songs in Rap, R&B, Country, Pop, Rock, Metal, Christian Contemporary, Classical Crossover, Reggae… seriously I could do this all day.  These songs make me laugh, cry, or just really hyper.  Classical music does something to me that is all together different.  It not only takes me to another world, it sets up a house with a beautiful view, sets a table with a perfect meal, then develops heights of ecstasy that I would not be able get from any other house, any other view, any other meal.  The thing about classical music is that you have to be willing to take the journey.  You have to take the time to make this trip.  You have to be present at that table to make it on flights up and beyond.

The time quotient is what I think is wrong with audiences in America.  Multitasking is the game of today.  Taking the time to do one thing like listen or attend a 3 hour opera is a bit much to ask of those who consider time to be money.  The people who spend that time in museums, and concert halls think of their time as the opportunity to experience life to the fullest.  Time to learn what other hearts and minds can teach them.

Blog buddy Steven Lumpkin tweeted: People love entertainment- So why dont people go nuts about #opera the way they do at a #rock concert or #sportsevent? #fb

Obviously Twitter and Facebook do not allow me the space to adequately deliver my opinion;-)  That is what blogs are for.  No?

hee hee

Well you asked for it.  People do.  Maybe not here in good ol’ USA.  But in Europe, not only are there performances where raucous shouts interrupt performance.  Audiences have booed people off the stage, literally.  Not back in the day, like LAST YEAR.

Part of the problem here is the idea that in order to attend or appreciate opera (in America) people think that you have to be rich, old world, intellectual.  This always boggles my mind, because if you met the singers that perform this stuff the only truth in that  is that they are nerds.   They learn a lot of stuff constantly.  Not necessarily 19th century history though.   I love learning new things yet, I’m begging for a social merging in order for me to learn Italian.  I have spent nights on the town with opera singers that would leave tailgaters in awe.

The truly talented singers, the ones that have regular appearances at the Met are the LEAST stuck up people I have ever spent time with.  The people that involve me in utterly boring discussions after a performance should take a cue.  Why would I want talk about historical significance after hearing voices that make my heartbeat race and my mind still, that make me feel inner vibrations and really warm all over.  Well maybe that is not appropriate for public discussion;-)

I also think part of the problem is the way we discuss opera (and classical music.)  It is like you have to have 2 doctorates in order to adequately absorb it’s importance.  I understand that some people can’t help it, it’s how they were trained to “discuss” from very young.  But to have a discussion on why opera isn’t treated as entertainment in America don’t make the average American pull out a dictionary for every other word.   (Sorry I thought I got most of this vent out in my blog “Opera reviews are boring,”  evidently not.)

I have gotten a few unlikely people to attend opera.  Generally, they are surprised at how entertaining it is.  I don’t blame them.  If everything I’d heard about opera was boring, I’d expect that the performance would be the same.  The most important thing we can do for the arts is to discuss them with the passion we feel instead of intellectualizing them to the point that it is best expressed in academic journals.

Wow wasn’t expecting to spend that much time there.  No wonder I had an anxiety attack when I saw that question on Facebook!

In any case,  I want to share a few pieces that make me very happy as a music lover.  I will also be introducing yet another website I love. (Yes I know I spend too much time online, but it’s so freakin’ useful!)

BBC Radio 3 Proms Podcast. My friend Mahan Esfahani is featured in this concert.  Warning, this is a long one.  If you skip the news reports in the beginning and at the end it’s about 45 min.  These podcasts are only available for a short time so don’t wait to long to experience it. is where I’m getting these links to share.

Antonio Vivaldi

Yo Yo Ma

Olga Borodina

If you want to share new music finds with me this is my profile page on lala.

Dramamezzo Warning:  I wasn’t joking about liking all kinds of music and this is where I explore most of it.  I have cd’s and computer programs that store all my most loved standards.  I listen to other people’s favorites on here and keep the ones I want to come back to on my online collections;-)


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