Posted by: Dramamezzo | April 22, 2010

The Transforming Power of Passion

It’s amazing how daily life clues you in to the secrets that grow you into a wiser and more mature version of yourself.

I had a great work out on Thursday.  It wasn’t because I was full of energy.  I had to force myself to do it.  It wasn’t because I’m soooo in shape.  Although I have worked my muscles into a state of performance, lack of consistency make them have to work hard every time.  It was because I put the “Opera House” from WCPE Radio on while I worked out.  Instead of listening to the work out music Pavarotti was singing to me.  I started working out and didn’t have to talk myself into doing full movements, working till the end of sections or pushing to do my best.   It all just happened.


I was so taken with the music,  everything else seemed to add to the beauty of the moment…

I was so excited by the music,  everything was  that much easier to put energy into…

I was so soothed by the music nothing seemed to hurt as much as usual…

I was so inspired by my desire to sing, “whatever it takes” was an automatic mantra…

I have worked so hard and have a confidence in what I’ve accomplished as a singer that it translated into confidence and competence in my work out…

All of the above probably.  It was something I ended up considering through my entire work out.  How beautiful the singing was and how much easier my work out was.  How much easier it got the more I felt the music.

I came to the conclusion that passion transformed my work out into a beautiful moment.  Passion for opera translated my tiring efforts into an enjoyment of the movement of my body, the ebb in flow of my movements matching the line of the music and not matching.  I usually listen to pop music when I go running or work out.  I will definitely have to reconsider that.  Time to mix it up with those mp3’s.

The broadcast was:

l’ elisir d’amore by Donizetti 1970 recording from Decca with English Chamber Orchestra.

PavarottiJoan SutherlandPavarotti   + Joan Sutherland =

Ridiculously Gorgeous Music

Listen while doing something tedious and tell me if it doesn’t make something beautiful out of the mundane.

Oops you can only listen to the full opera online by buying the mp3 version for $14.49 on

Check out the Youtube video for an excerpt though.

There is also a free for the first listen version after the video but it’s not Pavarotti and Sutherland ;-(  I’m sure it’s still beautiful though!

Thank God for YouTube!

This l’elisir is NOT with Pavarotti and Sutherland but it is FREE for the first listen


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