Posted by: Dramamezzo | April 28, 2010

An Artist’s Dirty Word


to sell

to market

Have I turned every sensitive soul out there completely off yet?

I understand, really I do.

When I first went to college the last thing I was worried about was making money.  I didn’t understand everyone else’s obsession with it.  Things are so temporary after all.

I should have nice clothes so I can be thought attractive.  So I can attract somebody who likes my clothes?  Really, why would I want someone to want me because of the kind of clothes I have on?  If they are fooled by name brand, well cut pieces of material shame on them.

But then I started walking by the bums on the street and realized they probably have more money in that cup than I do in my pocket.  I can’t help them any more than they can help me.


I can’t help people if I haven’t yet helped myself.

Next I figured out that I like money.  I like nice fabrics and pretty things.  I like being able to buy organic food.  Yes, a person should be able to have the things that are good for you.  Generally in this society to afford these things consistently you have to be good and rich.  Not Bill Gates rich but at least successful doctor rich.

OK, so money isn’t bad.  But asking for it…?  Well that is darn well inexcusable!

Well my husband (who is a salesman, A WHAT?  a SALESMAN),  often reminds me, “You have not because you ask not.”  I ignored him the first several times he said that.  Sure, that worked for him because everyone falls in love with him within the first 5 minutes.  They are practically waiting for him to ask for something from them so they can officially be called a friend.  (It must be nice right?)

The trick is that my husband is one of the most generous people I know.  In the beginning it was a problem.  I had to remind him about my walking past the bum epiphany.  We can’t help people if we are putting ourselves in the position to have to ask for that help back.  He meets people that he is supposed to be selling to and has hour-long conversations that end in him praying for complete strangers.  Why?  Because they need it.  My husband has a hero complex.  He is waiting to fill people’s needs.  He loves selling because he truly believes he is helping people out and offering them good value.

This is one of the first things you have to believe in order to be a good performer.  You have something that people NEED.  You have something of unmatched VALUE.  How are people ever going to experience that value if you don’t tell them about it, convince them to try it or at least to think about trying it later?

I know, I know, your thinking “this is a mighty big step you are asking of me.  I just play/sing music and that is what I do.  I don’t talk to people much less market to them.”  OK, but it’s their loss.

Yeah THEIR loss.  Your decision not put yourself out there means that they will probably never hear what you have to give.  You have made that choice for them.  That’s kind of selfish don’t you think?  Just as much as it is your responsibility to connect to the people already in the audience when you are performing,  it is your responsibility to connect with the people who have not yet become an audience.  This includes everyone you meet,  including conductors, directors, and fellow musicians.

So start out easy try networking aka  building friendships/relationships.   Here are some tips that you probably have already used to get a job (BLAH.)  If you can put yourself out there to get a job, surely you can find the motivation to do so for the sake of ART.

12 easy steps to networking



  1. Hey guys, I obviously have grammar issues 😉 If I don’t see it please tell me. I don’t want to write like an ignoramus the rest of my life. THANKS!

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