Posted by: Dramamezzo | May 17, 2010

Giving Voice Lessons

I have to say.  I love teaching voice.  I am a teacher at heart anyways, so when I get the chance to share the thing I love most with other people I get ridiculously excited.

I try to tone it down for the new singers that want to be on American Idol.  But I’m also a goal oriented teacher.  You can just want to be a better singer.  You don’t have to have grand goals.  You can want to be a better asset to your choir section at church.  Want to sing a solo at church.  Want to sing the national anthem for a game.  These are VERY worthy goals.  I just want you to have one.  Because I want to be working toward something and you should  too since you are the one spending the money.

Can someone explain to me why I can barely get new student inquiries to show up much less comeback continually?  My record for a student is 3 months.  He was working on being lead for a rock band.  He did have an obstacle of matching pitch, but he had a nice voice and it only took us a couple of weeks for him to match consistently without going back to exercises.  As soon as he got any good he started missing lessons though.  Which is fine.  If you’ve reached your goals and don’t want a coach, that is the time to finish up.  It still felt fairly abrupt and I still would like notice when you aren’t showing up to a lesson.  I’ve got things to do if I’m not going to give you a lesson.

Does anybody else have this problem with voice students?  I have only posted lessons on Craigslist and learning musician.   The problem is equally bad between the responses to both.  I contact them we set up a lesson and they cancel sometimes once, sometimes several times.  We set up a lesson and they don’t show up.  Or they do show up, once or twice and that’s about it.

I’m thinking I’m going to have to start taking students that are in high school.  They are young but at least they have parental supervision and better longevity.  I have had high school singers as long as 2 1/2 years.

What do you think?  Anyone else run a home studio?  Any techniques on this stuff that I’m not picking up?


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