Posted by: Dramamezzo | May 24, 2010

#Operaplot – He Composed a Rap – Priceless

If you didn’t jump in with both feet when Twitter became all the rage, just so you know,  there are a good measure of opera companies, fans, and arts enthusiasts tweeting.  This includes Raleigh’s own Maestro Timothy Myers at the new North Carolina Opera .  For the link to his Twitter page click here.   Now because of this community or to lead the charge, blogger: Miss Mussel, started a fun contest called #operaplot.   You have to write it JUST like that because this contest is for Twitter only.  You have to write a plot within 140 characters and tweet it with #operaplot, in order to qualify.  The contest was judged by THE Jonas Kaufmann.  Winners got to pick from a variety of prizes donated by opera companies across the world.  The best prize, (in my opinion) the Opera Theatre Company in Dublin, Ireland threw in three nights’ hotel and up to 1000 Euros to go towards a round-trip flight.

So I know you are anxiously waiting to find out the winning plots.  You can find them here

Did you know they found your lost post  Stephen?  Stephen’s oops gets him on #operaplot’s orphans post 😉

I read about this somewhere else and I’ve forgotten where so I can’t give the credit.  This composer guy wrote an opera plot and preceded to record it with musical instrumentation.  Result I fell in love with —-> Brian Rosen.  Please, Please go hear it.

Brian Rosen’s rap here

So that’s it.  Your introduction to the quirky, awesome opera community of  Twitter.

Hope to see you on Twitter.

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