Posted by: Dramamezzo | June 25, 2010

Life According To Singing

I have a confidence when I sing that comes from the work I’ve put in and continue to put in. It is a sense of stability that I would have never guessed could come from singing because the instrument changes every day. I’ve learned to play the piano, clarinet, flute, saxophone and trumpet.  These don’t include those I’ve learned in classes to get my music degrees. I say that to explain that I have experienced the ups and downs of learning and making music on enough instruments to consider my opinion expert.
Nothing is as frustrating as learning to sing.   Nothing is as emotionally exhausting.
Now clarinet is the only one I learned even close to professionally, but when I got frustrated with something that I was doing wrong on it I just kept at it until it was resolved.
When I got frustrated as a singer, the frustration created more errors and more frustration. These became emotional fits that caused crying jags from a girl who took pride in not being a typical emotional female.   These ended in brain meltdowns of aimless one finger piano playing.   These transformed into utter defeat and lying under pianos to take emotionally exhausted naps.

I love a challenge.  Matter of fact, I started learning the clarinet because it looked the hardest. (I didn’t learn about French horns until much later.)
So obviously the next step was to pursue the most complex artistic form in existence.

Is there a point to this…?
Ultimately, singing has taught me how to live.  These are a few of the lessons.
1. Whatever happens…breathe.  A deep breath is the first step to handling everything.
2. Just because it was right today doesn’t mean it will be ready and waiting tomorrow. Your body, your mind and the world change from moment to moment.  Assuming what you built yesterday will give you EXACTLY the same results today is a trap.   The only way to get it right is to do the work.
3. Usually if you’ve given so much that you are under a piano emotionally and physically spent, you are on the verge of a breakthrough.

You just have to have the faith to push forward.

Do you have any life lessons you learned from singing?


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