Posted by: Dramamezzo | July 2, 2010

Addicted to Vibrations

There are so many things that draw me to singing.

The creation of beauty.  The ability to make music.  Making music through my voice.  The literal transference of physical vibrations from my body through the air to another human being.  When I sing and feel my soul stir in my being the fact that people in the audience feel even an inkling of that… is just plain awesome.

But it has to be the pure physicality…

The feeling of the breath in, measure of the breath out, the focused vacuum that whirls through my sinuses and the willing to external.  Where along that ride do my emotions get put into the air/sound?  What makes the vibrations in my vocal chords find individual ears and become a part of their physical experience.

I know enough physics to draw the diagrams.

What I can’t quite explain is the withdrawal I go through when I don’t get to do it.  There is a withdrawal that happens when I don’t practice too, but it’s nothing like the one when I don’t perform.

I have heard that the value of life is what you give to others.  I hope that when I sing it is worth something.  This is the only gift I’ve given that has made someone cry.  No monetary gift, no gift of words has done that.

What is the value of sharing music with others?  Enlightenment, a touch of the divine, a glimpse of true spirit, the breath of inspiration… a transporting diversion.

All of those things and so much that I could never find the words for… and when I can’t find words…

I sing


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