Posted by: Dramamezzo | July 4, 2010

Get it Together

Sorry Lifehacker I had to “borrow” this one.

I am a classic creative thinker.  I have a billion ideas, a billion percent of the time.  It often brings me to the point of mindless procrastination or angst driven inertia.

So this organization stuff can truly be the key.  Setting up systems to manage your creativity is a smart thing to do.  You don’t want forget your great ideas.  You don’t want to leave a project incomplete just because it has left your mind with the influx of new ideas.  You don’t want to abandon new great ideas because you know you’ll leave good ones behind in the process.

Make a system

This system should be simple and catered to you.  If you are a singer and want to make sure you get to listen to certain recordings,  have a list of recordings you can check out when you have available ear time.  If you have a plan to have audition arias ready, write them down and the steps you want to complete to learn them.

They say that you have to have a deadline for a goal to get finished, but in my opinion you only need deadlines for the things you are avoiding.  If you know that you are going to listen to music pretty much daily you can just pick your list during those times you’ll get it done.  If you REALLY don’t want to rewrite your Bio and Resume then schedule it before your next listening session.  You can listen to your favorite song as a reward.  You can even listen to your favorite opera while you edit if you know you can concentrate on what you are supposed to be doing.

What systems are you using to harness the power of your creativity? SHARE

My next system will be great ideas management.  And this video has shown me exactly how I’m going to do it!  Thanks Lifehacker / @Christian_Major


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